Get to know about Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences operates on six campuses in south-eastern Norway: Blæstad, Elverum, Evenstad, Hamar, Lillehammer and Rena, and have approximately 13,000 students and about 1,000 faculty and staff. The institution offers 35 one-year study programs, 52 bachelor programs, 31 master programs and 4 PhD programs (plus one in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in addition to a number of teacher education and further education programs. The academic offer covers a wide array of subject areas: ecology andagricultural sciences, psychology, sports, law, music, pedagogy, health sciences, social sciences, teacher education, language and literature, biotechnology, film, tv and culture, tourism, animation and game sciences, economics, leadership and innovation. The Inland School of Business and Social Sciences has about 120 faculty members and includes Department of Tourism, Creative Industries and Marketing with about 20 members.

The SPOT project utilizes effects of previous project run in a cooperation between the Norwegian partner and University of Lodz: “SCHEDULE. Significance of competitions in higher education” financed by EEA and Norway Grants under the agreement No FSS/2013/IIC/W/0008/U/0023.

Norwegian team is leaded by Even Tjørve. He is presently a professor at the Inland School of Business and Social Sciences at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and adjunct professor at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He has taught tourism since 1995, with focus on sustainability, ecotourism, nature-based tourism, mountain resorts, and winter-sport tourism. His scientific interest includes destination management, resort development, and second-home tourism, as well as other topics as land use, biogeography, biodiversity, and growth modelling. Much of the research has revolved around spatial problems and non-linear models.

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