Story map of the study visit to Turkey

See and enjoy the story map prepared by Marta Nalej from the University of Lodz. This is the best summary of the outstanding week we spent in Turkey.

The goal of the study visits in Mersin (Turkey) was to involve students in the process of solving identified problems of spatial planning in selected tourist destination – Kızkalesi. Different geographical, environmental, economic, social, political, and cultural contexts were investigated.

The study visit was organized by two faculties of Mersin University: Faculty of Tourism, and Faculty of Architecture. Researchers from Turkish team conducted an initial enquiry on challenges of spatial planning and tourism development in Kızkalesi. Students were requested to prepare stakeholders analysis as well as policy recommendations, and present both of the results during local seminar during the last day of our stay in Turkey.

The study visit to Turkey was organized in the period between 6-10 of December, 2021. Our story map presents that visit day by day.

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