XV International Tourism Congress – ITC2023

ITC2023 – XV International Tourism Congress will be held in Mirandela (Portugal), from the 23th to 25th November 2023. Let’s discuss The Image and Sustainability of Tourism Destinations.

For more visit the website of the ITC2023 or see the call for papers.

The International Tourism Congress (ITC) is the annual scientific
meeting of the Centre for Tourism Research, Development, and
Innovation (CiTUR). Last edition of ITC was held in Łódź (Poland) and contributed by the SPOT project. The XV ITC edition will be organized by the School of Public Management, Communication and Tourism, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, located in Mirandela (Portugal), from the 23th to 25th November 2023.

Back to main theme of the congress The Image and Sustainability of Tourism Destinations the ITC2023 will be an opportunity for academics, master and doctoral students to present and discuss national and international experiences on sustainability and development of tourism destinations.

Travelers prioritize destinations and activities focused on environmental sustainability and local community investment, therefore, discussing sustainability and the image of tourism destinations will allow the discussion of the main topics of today’s tourism trends.

The ITC2023 will bring together researchers in the different fields of sustainability of travel and tourism and invites all public administration members, industry leaders, and professionals who want to learn more about the most recent trends in the field.

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