Overall information about the SPOT project

The SPOT project is implemented by the consortium of educational and scientific institutions co-operating on a regular basis, representing various research, educational, cultural and geographical contexts. The final selection of project partners resulted from the interdisciplinary nature of education and research in the field of tourism and spatial planning, as well as the diversity of tourism spatial planning challenges and problems diagnosed in different locations.

Tourism geography and spatial economy are the educational and research fields of the leading project institution – University of Lodz. Tourism economics and tourism management are the fields of contribution of Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences. Mersin University’s input to the project is associated with tourism sciences and city planning. Tourism sciences is also the main axis of the contribution from the Polytechnic of Leiria. Architecture, territorial, urban and environmental planning, historic cities, and heritage management are the main scientific and educational interests of Politecnico di Torino. Finally, research projects carried out by Institute of Geography and Spatial Organisation Polish Academy of Science are focused on geography and spatial economy.

Moreover, various geographical contexts represented by SPOT project partners refer to different ways of social and economic development, and different cultures: Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish.

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