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Łódź as a city of factories – using the industrial heritage for tourism as an element of sustainable development of the destination

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Tomasz Koralewski

is a CEO of the Łódź Tourism Organization. For 25 years he has been professionally involved in tourism. He started out as a tour guide cooperating with Polish tour operators. A short period of work with the Polish Chamber of Tourism in Łódź opened the possibility of participating in the creation and development of the Regional Tourism Organization of the Łódź Region (since 2003), in which he went through the career ladder from an apprentice to a deputy director of the office. He managed the group of responsible employees for all parts of the business – publications, tourist information, fairs & events, marketing campaigns, internet & public relations, trainings and member’s relations. He created and implemented a plan for the development of tourism in Łódź Region in cooperation with regional and local governments, associations and companies related to tourism. He also coordinated several large training projects for tourism industry co-financed from EU funds.

After leaving Regional Tourism Organization in 2015, he founded his own company operating in the field of events and tourism marketing. From the end of 2016, he coordinated the creation of the Łódź Tourism Organization as a local DMO. From April 2017, as the CEO, he coordinates its work up till now. In 5 years he built a strong local tourist organization associating 100 most important business and local government partners in the city, employing over 30 people and operating in all areas of the city’s tourism management. It also cooperates with other cities in Poland, ​​creating metropolitan strategies for the tourism development.

A graduate of history at the University of Lodz.

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Liszewski Hall
Thursday, November 17, 2022

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