Multilanguage online session 3

Chair persons:

  • Filipa Perdigão


Multilanguage Online Sessions are organised by CiTUR Centre for Tourism Research, Development and Innovation. If any questions, do not hesitate to approach chair persons directly by email: or


  1. The contributions of creative tourism for regional tourism development (Ana Ferreira, Daniela Carina Ramos Amorim, José Luis Jiménez Caballero) | Portuguese
  2. Why participate in tourist routes? A Brazilian experience (Daniele Rodrigues, Amanda Souza, Ana Claudia Padilha, Erlaine Binotto, João Paulo Jorge, Dores Grechi) | Portuguese
  3. Rail tourism as an enabler of sustainable communities (SDG 11) and the reduction of inequalities (SDG10) (Eunice Duarte, José Carlos Barbosa, João Caldeira Heitor, Eunice Lopes) | Portuguese
  4. Measurement of the tourist experience: Óbidos medieval market event – Portugal (Ricardo Pedras Ribeiro, Maria Pilar Moreno Pacheco, António Sérgio Araújo de Almeida) | Portuguese
  5. Debate

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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