14. Current challenges of education in tourism and hospitality

Chair persons:

  • Goretti Silva | On-site
  • Justyna Mokras-Grabowska | On-site


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  1. How does higher education prepare tourism students to work with technologies? (Ana Elisa Sousa, Sónia Pais) | Online
  2. Determining environmental attitudes of tourist guide candidates (Sevda Birdir, Gizem Derinalp, Kemal Birdir) | Online
  3. Foreign language learning in tourism degree courses: An analysis of the offer in Portuguese higher education (Ana Pires, Laura Chagas, Paula Cardoso) | Online
  4. ‘Sustainable Tourism’ – Curriculum, aims and objectives of a new course of studies at the University of Lodz, Poland (Justyna Mokras-Grabowska, Aleksandra Mroczek-Żulicka) | On-site
  5. Entrepreneurship education in tourism – a systematic literature review (Marcin Olszewski) | On-site
  6. Cooperative learning as a platform for development of soft skills in the tourism context (Goretti Silva, Mariana Oliveira, Alexandra Correia) | On-site

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Liszewski Hall
Friday, November 18, 2022

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