7B. Accessible, sustainable and smart tourism: challenges and good practices

Chair persons:

  • Eugénia Devile | On-site
  • Márcio Martins | On-site


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  1. Accessibility in events: Are the supply companies ready? (Filipa Gonçalves) | Online
  2. How accessible is Portuguese tourism? Reflections on existing good practices (Cláudia Martins) | Online
  3. The role of spatial planning in tourism development: Opportunities and challenges (Yasemin Levent, Ezgi Şahin) | Online
  4. Accessibility of supply in tourist destinations’ competitiveness models: Review of the state of the art and proposal of a new model (Tomo Valeriano Rosário) | Online
  5. Adaptive management of tourism carrying capacity in nature-based sites: Operationalizing adaptivity dimensions (Aliya Tankibayeva, Aliya Aktymbayeva, Zhanna Assipova, Yeldar Nuruly) | Online

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Straszewicz Hall
Friday, November 18, 2022

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