8. The potential of European regions for the sustainable development of cultural tourism

Chair persons:

  • Krzysztof Janc | On-site


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  1. The Glocal and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites criteria for awarding and continuing recognition: An analysis of the Portuguese case (Eunice Duarte, João Paulo Jorge, Dulcineia Ramos) | Online
  2. Tourism and cross-border cooperation: the case of Iberian Eurocities (Ana Sofia Duque, Paulo Carvalho) | Online
  3. Sustainable development of cultural tourism: Spycimierz case study – methods, research results, good practices and recommendations (Bogdan Włodarczyk, Marzena Makowska-Iskierka, Michał Duda, Jolanta Wojciechowska, Jolanta Latosińska, Beata Krakowiak) | On-site
  4. Co-creation in museums: A tourist attraction approach (Anabela Monteiro, Gabriela Silva Marques, Sara Rodrigues de Sousa) | On-site
  5. Architourism to Polish and Spanish cities, an auto-ethnography (Peter Nientied) | On-site
  6. A cultural heritage city on the path to sustainability: Current opportunities and threats for Český Krumlov (Markéta Novotná, Josef Kunc) | On-site
  7. Monitoring sustainable tourism at the regional level: Inputs from the northern region of Portugal (Fernando Perna, Susana Lima, Candida Silva, Bruno Barbosa Sousa, Goretti, Silva, Eugénia Devile, Aida Carvalho, Carlos Fernandes, Susana Silva, Gorete Dinis, Maria Alexandra Malheiro, Maria João Custódio, Maria López) | On-site
  8. Cultural tourism and stakeholders’ cooperation in peripheral areas: The case study of the Valley of Palaces and Gardens, Poland (Małgorzata Pstrocka-Rak, Sylwia Dołzbłasz, Anna Grochowska) | On-site

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Straszewicz Hall
Thursday, November 17, 2022

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