9A. Special interest tourism and experiential tourism based on sustainable practices

Chair persons:

  • Catarina Martins | On-site
  • Vitor Ambrósio | On-site
  • Bruno Sousa | Online


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  1. Creating value by implementing the Proof of Purchase in Dock Label: Effects of a Portuguese fishing community on place attachment and developing sustainable consumption in local restaurants (Anabela Elias Almeida, Susana Mendes, Patrícia Borges) | Online
  2. Tourists’ motivations in protected areas: The case of Vale do Tua Regional Natural Park, Northeast Portugal (Luisa Lopes, Salete Esteves, Lara Santos) | Online
  3. Exploring the push and pull factors to visit nature-based tourism destinations: A systematic review (Sazu Sardar, Sangsan Bhumisathan, Azharul Islam) | Online
  4. Escape to nature changes in recreational behaviour of tourists caused by COVID-19 pandemic (Patrycja Brańka, Bernadetta Zawilińska) | Online
  5. Recreational opportunities of wellness tourism (Marina Metreveli, Otar Japaridze) | Online
  6. Local identity and sustainable tourism: Results of a survey with young students from Madeira University about their local community (Naidea Nunes) | Online
  7. The evaluation of sustainable tourism criteria in developing special interest tourism: Example of Bozdağ – İzmir, Turkey (Okan Ogan, Ferdi Akbaş, Füsun Baykal) | Online

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Straszewicz Hall
Friday, November 18, 2022

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