9B. Special interest tourism and experiential tourism based on sustainable practices

Chair persons:

  • Catarina Martins | On-site
  • Vitor Ambrósio | On-site


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  1. Pilgrimage Way in Azores (Portugal): Promoting religious and creative tourism (Vitor Ambrósio) | On-site
  2. Dark Tourism – A new tourist product to be developed in the North of Portugal? (Eugénia Devile, Ana Sofia Costa, Susana Lima, Andreia Moura) | On-site
  3. Critical success factors of a regional development strategy for olive oil tourism: A case study using the Delphi methodology (Francisco Dias, Fernanda Maria Oliveira, Inês Soares) | On-site
  4. The Olive4All project – Raising community awareness about olive heritage (Fernanda Maria Fernandes Oliveira, Francisco Dias, Inês Soares) | On-site
  5. Travelling to some Inquisition sites, in Portugal and ex-colonies (Isilda Leitão) | On-site
  6. Managing hunting as a sustainable tourism recreational activity in Atlantic Canada (Roselyne Okech) | On-site
  7. Analyze the touristic interests and motivations that lead tourists to visit the West Region of Portugal (Ana Elisa Sousa, Daniela Amorim, Paulo Almeida) | On-site

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N105 Room
Friday, November 18, 2022

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