3. Climate challenges of sustainable development of tourism

Chair persons:

  • Krzysztof Błażejczyk | On-site


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  1. Climatic conditions of health tourism in Poland (Krzysztof Błażejczyk, Anna Błażejczyk, Magdalena Kuchcik, Jarosław Baranowski) | Online
  2. Airports and the economic impact of air traffic noise emissions: A systematic review (Vânia Costa, Susana Teles, António Fernandes, António Almeida, Mara Franco, Fernando Perna, Maria Custódio) | Online
  3. The recovery of rolling stock as an opportunity for the sustainability of rail tourism (Eunice Duarte, José Carlos Barbosa, João Caldeira Heitor) | Online
  4. Air pollution and noise as climatic impediments in health tourism (Magdalena Kuchcik, Jarosław Baranowski) | Online
  5. Towards more personalized climate assessments for different forms of tourism – Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI) adjustments (Katarzyna Lindner-Cendrowska, Peter Bröde) | Online
  6. Tourism based economy and sustainability path to global warming (Olamide Idris Asifa) | On-site
  7. Upskilling the Irish tourism industry for a decarbonised world (Anita Conefrey, James Hanrahan) | On-site
  8. Sustainability and circular economy: The case of the restaurant industry (Eugénia Devile, Alexandra Correia, Carla Melo, António Melo, Andreia Moura, Cândida Silva, Goretti Silva, Susana Silva, Vânia Costa) | On-site
  9. Mobility and tourism products in local emissions of C02: An exploratory approach by IMPACTUR-ALGARVE to rent-a-car and maritime-tourism activities (Fernando Perna, Maria João Custódio) | On-site

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Liszewski Hall
Thursday, November 17, 2022

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