The SPOT project targets most of all master students of such programmes like tourism management, spatial planning, and built environment studies. However, the general focus of the project relates to all young people interested in sustainable spatial planning of tourism destinations. The ambition of the project’s consortium is to introduce the course and method concerning tourism spatial planning as a significant part of this increase. Future tourism planners completing this course will use the project’s outputs to implement their knowledge, skills, and competencies on innovative, sustainable, and inclusive tourism development into spatial planning practice.

Study visits are probably the most interesting part of the SPOT project from students’ perspective. Increase the knowledge and key competencies of students in the field of sustainable planning of tourism destinations is expected. Integrated and recognised learning skills and qualifications for and innovative educational method, coherent at EU level will be developed. Students mobilities in the project (preparation to and participation in study visits) will be recognized by every partner as a participation in the course of tourism spatial planning. Thus, ECTS credits recognition is guaranteed, in full respect of protection of personal data. Each study visit will be carried out in the international environment of the project partners.

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