7A. Accessible, sustainable and smart tourism: challenges and good practices

Chair persons:

  • Eugénia Devile | On-site
  • Alina Zajadacz | On-site


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  1. Tourism employees’ skills on accessible tourism: The view of supply agents (Eugénia Devile, Celeste Eusébio, Andreia Moura) | On-site
  2. SmartDest project: Madeira Island implementation and experience (Eduardo Marques, Frederica Gonçalves) | On-site
  3. Determinants of environmental certification of hotel companies: An analysis of the Portuguese case (Catarina Antónia Martins, Jorge Manuel Afonso Alves, Anita Sousa Silva) | On-site
  4. Geotourism and sustainable development: Impacts of the iconic Paiva river walkways, Arouca Geopark, Portugal (Susana Lima, Sofia Cardoso, Eugénia Devile, Andreia Moura) | On-site
  5. Sensory garden as a new form of urban green space in smart sustainable city (Alina Zajadacz, Anna Lubarska) | On-site

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N105 Room
Thursday, November 17, 2022

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